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Getting There From Here Is A Daily Journey

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I wonder what kind of parent I would have been, had I had as many digital devices and distractions as there are now.

There are so many distractions out here for adults, children and everyone in between. You can watch self-help videos, participate in online parties, exercise classes, and binge watch just about anything. There’s never a dull moment! My grandma would call it overstimulation.

When my kids were teens, I was dating someone and had started using emails to stay connected. It was pretty addictive, especially since I had only used emails for work projects. Had there been Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, I probably would’ve been on my phone a lot! Too much!

It would have been a lot harder to maintain my focus as a parent. So how do we maintain focus as parents?

I think the thing that really saved me every time I got even a little distracted as a parent, was thinking back on how consistent my mother was with raising my brother, sister and I. She and my dad worked as a team when they were together and we had daily routines, daily chores and expectations of us.

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More importantly my parents had expectations of themselves. Sure they hosted parties, went out with friends, but their main job was raising us. From my perspective as a kid, parenting looked pretty boring. Thinking about that job of being a parent; made me think a long time before I decided to become one.

As a parent coach, parent and educator, I have concerns about how remote learning is going. There’s no question that we have to do it. We have to educate our children during this pandemic! But how do we do it successfully? 🤔

How real is remote learning for kids who already spend lots of time on computers watching videos and playing games? Is it easy to make the transition to learning?

How do parents help their child see the remote learning as a way to grow, learn, and understand new concepts? It’s not enough to say “Go sit over there and learn your lessons!” That’s probably not the best way to implement remote learning.

Here are three recommendations:

  • Reinforce the concepts your child is learning every day.
  • Continue the learning process by making it fun during breakfast, lunch or dinner time
  • Set up daily routines that help you and your child stay organized

Having a place in your home where your child attends school, with his or her supplies is crucial. Allowing them to do their homework (themselves) is also crucial. Not unless you want to take care of them for the rest of your life 🤷🏽‍♀️

Some days are better than others and there are no hard and fast solutions.

Self care tips:

  • Make time for yourself
  • Be kind to your mental health and unplug your electronics for an hour.
  • Take a nap 😴 Make your kids take a nap too.
  • Take a walk outside.
  • Ask for help when you need it.

C. Lynn Williams, #MsParentguru

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