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I Hate My Teenage Daughter – Pt 2

Here’s the gist of the new TV show:

I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER is a new family comedy starring Jaime Pressly and Katie Finneran as single moms, best friends – and former nerds – who fear their privileged and overly indulged daughters are turning out just like the mean girls who picked on them in high school.

ANNIE (Pressly), who was raised in an ultra-strict, über-religious household where she had little-to-no freedom, pretty much allows her daughter, SOPHIE (Kristi Lauren), to do whatever she wants. Annie’s best friend NIKKI (Finneran), once an unpopular, overweight social pariah, is now a pretty Southern belle who also allows her daughter, MACKENZIE (Aisha Dee), to do as she pleases.”

Knowing a little more about what the show is about, I don’t have a problem with the show, just a HUGE problem with the title of the show. Considering that sensationalism sells, I don’t like it, but do understand that producers are trying to bring the issue of overindulgence by parents into discussion. As a parent, overindulgence makes you a great parent for the moment, but the feeling doesn’t last, and you send your teen, mixed messages about who you are.

What do you think?

December 3, 2011 at 2:18 pm Leave a comment

I Hate My Teenage Daughter

As I was surfing the Internet, I saw an ad for a new TV show – I Hate My Teenage Daughter! It starts tomorrow on Fox.

Okay, so I know this is supposed to be funny, but having raised a couple of teenage daughters, there is nothing funny about hating your daughter. They may be challenging; they usually try your last nerves, but lovingly raising your daughter is a wonderful experience! Yes we had arguments and she told me she hated me at least once, but I parented her with love and consistency. I shared my experiences with her and I was honest; there are no subject that was taboo.

I guess I’ll tune in to see what the show is about.

Those of you raising daughters, what do you think? Let’s talk tomorrow…


November 29, 2011 at 6:13 pm 3 comments

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