Books’ Contents

Book Contents for Trying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teen:

  1. The Role of a Parent
  2. What Does Your Teenager Need
  3. Consistency Prayer
  4. Your Ego or Hearing Your Child?
  5. Being Friends with Your Teen
  6. Blended Parenting
  7. Loving and Parenting Opposite Sex Teens
  8. Timeout for Parents
  9. Grief
  10. Reaching the Goal Whose Goal?


Book Contents for The Pampered Prince: Moms Create a GREAT Relationship with Your Son:

1. My Son, My Heart
2. The Oedipus Complex
3. Single Mothers Who Parent
4. You Will Always Be My Little Boy
5. Peter Pan
6. Male Role Models
7. The More We Push
8. Discipline
9. Just Let Go. How?
10. She’s Not Good Enough for You
11. Respect and Honor
12. Epilogue


Book Contents for Raising Your Daughter Through the Joys, Tears & HORMONES!:

1. Just What is a Princess Anyway?
2. Oh, the Sacrifice!
3. I Want to be Just Like You!
4. Protect her Innocence
5. She’s as Close as Skin
6. Tell her the Truth
7. Nurturing her vs. Raising her
8. The Sexuality Storm
9. Your Dad Loves You More than Me
10. Antagonism & Competition
11. Outspoken…? Oh Yes!
12. Advise Now or Cry Later
13. Loss
14. I’m So Proud of You
15. Conclusion


Book Contents for Yours & Mine: A Winning Blended Family Formula

Part 1 – The Kids

  1. Dating Other People
  2. When Do You Introduce Your Children to Your “Friend”
  3. Who Comes First – Your Kids or Your “Friend”
  4. Daddy’s Girl & Mama’s Boy Woes
  5. Managing Your Time Between Your Kids & Your “Friend”

Part II – Us as a Couple

  1. You’re Married Now What?
  2. Establishing Couple Guidelines
  3. How to Communicate Through Disagreements
  4. Disciplining Each Other’s Kids
  5. Walking the Tightrope
  6. Ex-Spouse Drama
  7. In & Out Laws
  8. Date Night…Sex Anyone?

Part III – Our Family

  1. Family Meetings
  2. Household Chores
  3. There is No ‘Step’ in Children
  4. Family Time Together

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  • 1. Michael Edgar Myers  |  December 3, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    where are the links to these posts?

    • 2. clwilliams27  |  December 5, 2011 at 6:46 pm

      They’re not links but chapters to my book – Trying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teen. You can pick up a copy on my site:



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