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Has Human Companionship Disappeared

Human companionship isn’t working well these days is it?

It’s gotta be the pandemic’s fault!

Maybe it’s all of the togetherness that we are experiencing as a result of sheltering in place. Snuggling up, spooning, boo’ed up is not as much fun, when you’re in the house 24/7 and so is your sweetie (with you). Basically you start to get tired… of each other.

There I said it!

Now, clearly I’m talking to just a few of you… the honest ones. I know it’s not the end of the world, but it’s scary because you’re admitting that the one person that you pledged to be with FOREVER… isn’t enough to keep you going during this pandemic crisis. And for my single friends, it’s really scary, because how do you date (responsibly) during a viral scare when you have no idea where that delightful person who looks great online, has been.

I had a long talk with God yesterday and decided (remembered), that our mates, spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, partners are human companions. They are not designed to please us indefinitely. Matter of fact, they are probably wondering why they feel so… blah (with you)? I’m not saying that the thrill is gone, nor am I saying it’s time to look for a new mate. It’s just that we are on a journey, and part of that journey is physical (relationships) and the rest is spiritual. The spiritual journey helps you build inner resources to realize that a human will never be enough (forever). God is the only forever relationship.

So forgive your partner if he or she wears the same shirt for an entire week. They’re doing the best they can. Same with you. Be real. Make jokes. Have fun. Be thankful for what you have.

Build up your spiritual relationship with your source. I call my source… God. Take time away from your kids, your partner, your phone, your Zoom calls and get quiet. You will be surprised at how peaceful life really is. And how much better you feel.

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C. Lynn Williams, #MsParentguru

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What Love Means to Me

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of red roses 🌹, candlelit dinners and romance. I remember receiving a huge box of chocolates 🍫 and one of those silver chain link bracelets from my high school boyfriend. Mom made me return the bracelet, and I believe she took the box of chocolates too; telling me I was too young to receive gifts 🎁 from boys!

What do you think of when you hear the words – Happy Valentine’s Day? Do you think of love – the “I’ll be with you forever” kind of love? Or do you think of how much you love ❤️ your kids, your family, friends, neighbors, etc.?

Love changes everything we do. It changes how we feel about each other. It can melt anger and resentment. Love can soften a hardened heart ❤️.

Happy Valentine’s Day. ❤️💞


C. Lynn Williams, #MsParentguru

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It’s Complicated…

My daughter and I are hosting a series of romance webinars (one per month) and last night was our 2nd webinar. In our Dating With The Right Tools webinar, we talked about those areas and behaviors that keep us attracting the wrong person. The term It’s Complicated was mentioned and it sounded like a great topic to talk more about it in my blog today. its-complicated
It’s Complicated… There are two things I think about when I hear those words. One is the Facebook status that talks about where you are in your relationship, and the second is the movie with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin.

It’s complicated usually means that one of the two of you is in multiple relationships with other people. While we didn’t stay on that topic for very long last night; we did talk about the importance of knowing what you want in a relationship (whether you’re in a relationship or not).

Knowing what you want out of a partner helps you determine whether the man or woman you meet on Friday is someone you want to spend more time with or not. In our romance series we want to level the playing field and say out loud, what women think in their heads, but don’t say. If you want to date multiple people, go for it! As long as everyone involved knows what’s going on, it’s simple – not complicated. If you want to be in a monogamous relationship, that’s simple too, as long as you discuss what you want with your partner and they agree with you. Being afraid to enter a new relationship because of issues of trust, is challenging and a topic that women don’t often share, but feel very deeply.

While my daughter is the relationship therapist, I coach working women to find balance in all areas of their lives: work/business, children, significant other and themselves. I believe women can have it all with a plan, organization and the ability to say no without guilt. Recently, many women have told me that they are basically ‘married’ to their work and have no room for romance or dating. That is complicated! Don’t let this be your story. Knowing how distracted I can become when I’m working on a presentation or writing a book, it’s easy to work night and day. However, I’ve learned to walk away (from my work) and take some time to enjoy my family and husband. This is what I share in my Finding Superwoman coaching program.

Here are four tools You Can Use to get more out of dating whether you are single, in a relationship or married:

  • Set Goals for yourself on what it is you want out of a relationship. If you want to spice up a relationship that you are currently in, plan fun things and set a regular date night. It doesn’t have to be expensive, be creative. If you are interested in starting the dating scene, think of things you enjoy doing. They can range from becoming involved in a local choir, joining a meetup of movie lovers or donating your time at a local girls and boys club.
  • Stay Honest by discussing your likes dislikes and values when you begin dating instead of assuming the other person knows what they are, or trying to be somebody that you’re not.
  • Changing others to make them fit into the mold that you want never works… at least not very long. Both of you will be unhappy because neither is appreciated for who they are.
  • Romance is an investment because not only is money part of this equation, but your time and your partner’s time is as well. If you know you love a person with champagne tastes, why date someone with beer tastes and expectations? In other words, date someone with similar interests to yours. You will be much happier.

If you feel you keep attracting the wrong person or are giving far more than you want, then click here to replay our Dating With The Right Tools webinar:

Our next live webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, January 10th at 7 pm (CST) and it’s titled “I Want to Get Married, Now What?” Here’s the link to register: Click

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C. Lynn Williams, #MsParentguru

Family Dynamics Strategist, Coach & Author

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