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Sexual Assault is A Sissy Move

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month and is dedicated to raising public awareness about preventing sexual violence. Let me be the first to say that sexually assaulting someone is a sissy move!

When I was a kid, “sissy” was how we described somebody who was afraid and wouldn’t take chances. Sexual violence is usually done under the guise that the person “wanted to have sex with me”, or “they asked for it”. A narcissistic move by someone who was never taught that no meant NO or they were sexual abuse victims, are some of the reasons why people choose to assault others.

Sexual assault is an aggressive act that leaves its victims afraid and violated. It can happen to anyone: women, girls, men or boys. I’ve not had or seen sexual harassment, however I have experienced first-hand and seen women be violently attacked. It’s one of those experiences that leaves you feeling unsure of yourself and your surroundings. It takes awhile to regain your self-confidence.

Click here to learn more information about sexual assault awareness. Let’s stay safe, be aware of our surroundings, and be willing to help victims of sexual assault… especially family members or friends.

Silence is violence
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C. Lynn Williams

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Keep Your Hands (and Other Body Parts) to Yourself

SexualAbuse2At the risk of sounding insensitive, I admit that I have gotten desensitized to news about priests and coaches molesting boys and girls. It happens so often, it seems like daily news. I don’t like it, and it seems to take forever for the truth to come out (the kids are usually adults). Of course, nobody believes that a man of the cloth or a favorite coach is touching our kids inappropriately. Wake up America! Did it ever occur that the ‘acting out’ that our kids are doing, may be related to a secret they are ashamed to tell you?

What I still can’t stomach, is when our teen girls tell us (mothers) that they are being sexually molested by their fathers, stepfathers, uncles (family members) and we don’t listen. What is that about? As I mentor teen girls and young women, I want to say that I’m shocked that mothers prefer to believe their (in some cases) pedophile boyfriend to their own daughter. The sex can’t be that good. To make matters worse, you kick your daughter out, because you can’t possibly believe her. Now what is she supposed to do?

Remember the movie Precious? Precious’ mother knew her husband (Precious’ biological dad) was having sex with his daughter and had fathered Precious’ two children. Yuck! But it happens, probably more often than we care to admit, and it’s a dirty little family secret – especially if a child is born. If there was ever a reason for castration, sexually molesting your kid, niece, nephew or granddaughter is number one as far as this mother is concerned! What are your thoughts?

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