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Education Technology and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act


Are you aware that the Children’s Online Policy Statement, announced on May 25th, affirms that kids under 13 shouldn’t have to give up their privacy rights just to do their schoolwork? It also tells ed tech providers they can’t require parents and schools to agree to the comprehensive surveillance of children in exchange for students’ use of such learning tools.


Even before the pandemic forced kids into virtual learning platforms, ed tech has been used in schools. The FTC is working to ensure that the companies offering this technology are following the law – and to let parents know that the FTC is watching what information companies collect about kids, how they use it, for how long they keep it, and how they protect it. When it comes to protecting kids’ personal information, the FTC is on the side of parents who are concerned about data collection and privacy.


That’s why I am sharing their consumer blog (also available in Spanish) with my audience, and letting people know about this important topic. To read the policy statement, visit: COPPA statement. For more information about protecting kids online, visit

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