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Where are You Putting Your Trash?

Please tell me What it is that makes a person drop trash out of a car or out of a window? No home training you say? I don’t believe it I answer

Is it that it is no longer a crime to “litter”? Maybe a $100 ticket would lessen these offenses? Or maybe as a child, when you dropped something on the floor at home, your mother picked it up for you, so you think the “street maid” will pick up your your stuff? In Chicago it’s an epidemic. Earlier this summer I watched a guy empty the trunk of his car and place the papers at the curb.

Being the assertive, Save-the-Earth person that I am, I marched out of my car and asked him why he was littering my neighborhood. He apologized and picked up his trash and placed it in the nearest garbage can. I’ve also found soiled diapers by the curb. Isn’t that what diaper bags are for?

Now if I can just catch those dog owners who allow their pets to defecate on my lawn without picking it up! Mayor Emanuel, we need enforcement of that littering law.


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C. Lynn Williams
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August 31, 2013 at 4:37 am 3 comments

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