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Is Your Teen Hormonal or Food Addicted?

Hormones-and-acne2Teaching puts me in touch with a lot of people – the young & not so young. What I found is that there is not much difference in the dietary habits of students. While teaching my high school students, it was pretty common to see bags of flaming hot Cheetos and red punch for breakfast. Could all of that burning red colored junk food be good for them? What was even more interesting was the number of overweight kids, those who had high blood pressure, diabetes, AD/HD or were autistic. That data got my complete attention and prompted this blog topic.

When I was growing up (light years ago), most of us kids were healthy and skinny. There was no local McDonalds was just starting and Burger King had just introduced the Whopper. We rarely ate out and potato chips were eaten with burgers (occasionally). Has it ever occurred to you how much of our food is genetically modified? I mean can a chicken wing actually be the size that many of them are without the help of growth hormones (additives). I read an article over the weekend by a person identifying herself as ‘the Food Babe’ where she talks about food that is manufactured for Americans is vastly different from food manufactured for Europeans, Chinese and other countries. food

According to the ‘Food Babe’, food manufacturers are allowed to produce genetically modified (GMs) foods and many of the processed foods that we eat contain products that contain preservatives and synthetic food dyes that are banned in other countries. As you read this, we still eat seven foods that have been banned in Europe, like chlorinated chickens, bovine growth hormone, pesticides, food contact chemicals like phthalates & bisphenols (products found in plastic that makes them soft & moldable), food dyes (Red 40, Yellow 5, etc.).

Now think about those wonderful teens of ours who are already hormonal. Hormonal changes that make them love you one minute and hate you the next. I was a hormonal teen, you probably were too! However, classroom control issues, anger management issues, or worse yet, depression, suicide and physical health issues may be easily avoided if we put ourselves and our children on sugar-free, GM free, dairy-free alkaline diets. Still interested in those ‘flaming hots’?

C. Lynn Williams, #MsParentguru
Author & Parenting Coach

Trying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teen (St. Paul Press, 2010)
The Pampered Prince: Moms Create a GREAT Relationship with Your Son (St. Paul Press, 2012)
Raising Your Daughter: the Joys, Tears & Hormones available in late summer, 2013

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