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Creating Safe and Resilient Kids

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How do you create resilient kids during times like these where there is so much violence and access to people all over the world via technology?

One thing I did, was start conversations when my kids were very young. We talked about:

  • How to stay safe
  • Who to talk to
  • What people to be wary of
  • Experiences they are having
  • Let them talk about any topic that they are curious about

I took examples from nightly news stories, and what was trending at school or in the community to have dinner time discussions with my children. There was no social media when they were adolescents and teens. Opening the conversation with “feel free to talk about whatever you want“, made it easier for them to talk about what was going on at school, in the neighborhood and with their friends.

Listen a lot.

Remember some of the stories that you’ve heard and ask if anything has happened since you talked.

Let them talk without feeling ashamed or stupid. The more you listen (judgement-free), the more trust you’ll build, and don’t be surprised that they will tell you lots more than you ever expected.

The more conversations you and your children have, the easier it will be to talk about situations that are unsafe or should be avoided. It’s those series of conversations, during family-times like dinner, which are great times to ask what’s going on, do what-if scenarios and build kids that can bounce back from disappointments and unexpected situations.

Resilient kids.

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