Are You Following Your Gut?

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There were two women in my life that had an uncanny sense of showing up when I least expected. One was my mother, the other my grandmother. How they knew that I was either getting into trouble or thinking about getting into trouble, I’ll never know. But they showed up at times that really helped me develop into the woman that I am today. My mom used to say, “you’ll never know when I’ll show up.”

I used to think they were magical, scary women! What I have learned as I’ve raised my own children, is that they were simply following their hunches, their intuition, their sixth sense.

We all have a sixth sense, it’s one of those spiritual qualities that God gives us and in my culture, it’s a trait that women develop. I’m sure men have a gut feeling; they just don’t talk about it. It’s really important to pay attention to your intuition, and not discount it, because it may make a difference between saving your life or the life of those around you especially your children.

When my daughter was in high school, I worked a traditional 9 to 5 job and had to be at work at 8:30 am. My gut told me to stop by her school building first. I ran into her, and she wasn’t doing anything wrong, but was surprised that I showed up unexpectedly. To this day, I have no idea why I needed to show up to. Maybe she was thinking about “cutting school”. I don’t know. However, the point was made and I became one of those scary people!

When I think about the violence that is happening to our children, I believe in my heart that moms get one of those feelings before something happens. It’s Spirit’s way of telling us to follow through… most likely as a way to stop what could happen from happening. So when your first mind (intuition) tells you that the party your teenager is trying to attend is unsafe, keep them at home. You won’t be the most popular parent, but you will feel better if/when you hear on the evening news that something happened at that same address, knowing your child was safe at home with you.

Having conversations with your child about your “gut feelings” will help your child understand that the decisions you are making, are for their highest good.

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