Stop Holding Onto Anger and Resentment

January 17, 2020 at 8:17 pm Leave a comment

Have you ever had a problem with your co-worker or a family member like your mom or spouse, and the more you think about it, you notice a migraine, sore throat, or a head cold starting to develop…?

Or maybe you find yourself resentful of something someone said or did that you can’t let go! At first you notice that you’re not sleeping well. Then you wake up with a stomachache or sore throat. 🤒 🤯

It’s your body’s perfect way of staying in touch with your emotions and letting you know things ARE NOT okay.

During the holidays we had a lot of family and friends visit. People came to our house that we hadn’t seen in years; others were family members that lived out of town. Seeing everyone was fun and very enjoyable.

I thought…

I couldn’t understand why I had the sniffles most of the holidays, and a full-blown head cold last week. For a person who seldom gets sick, I purchased over-the-counter meds and stayed in bed a couple of days. By Day Three during my morning meditation, it dawned on me that I was holding on to some unresolved issues of anger and resentment. Some of those delightful visitors had pushed buttons that haven’t been pushed in years…

Clearly whatever my issue was, it was unresolved.

As I breathed deeply, I released the anger, the resentment and my breathing slowed to a more normal pace. It took about 30 minutes.

And I noticed…

I was no longer congested. 🤧

I haven’t taken the cough syrup or the night time sleeping medicine since.

Life is good… 🤩

What do you need to release to make you feel better?

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