Why do most diets fail? (reprinted)

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At this time of the year, the weather has changed to wonderful my favorite time of the year #fall and my body tells me it’s time to get red-bean-chili2ready for winter. Heavier foods like homemade soup, and chili are more bearable because the weather isn’t so hot. One of the issues I face is how to eat smart and not eat Everything I love!

So I was talking to Aga Loncar, the author of this blog post, and she said an amazing thing about food, weight and eating. If you are constantly dieting or care about what you eat, keep reading.

Why do most weight loss diets fail? by Aga Loncar woman-dieting

We think of weight loss the wrong way. We think that we can go on a restrictive diet for 30 and lose weight. And we do lose weight, but 95% of us gain it back plus often times more than what we lost. Every time we yo-yo diet the fat lost that we gained back becomes more resistant, its harder to lose it the second or third time around.

Companies that design restrictive diets and sell their products, as a required part of the program don’t addresses the real cause of weight gain like hormone malfunction, systemic inflammation, poor gut health or even chronic dehydration. Their main agenda is to sell you the product. If you come back again because you gained all the weight back, well even better.

This approach doesn’t teach us the importance of changing our poor eating habits forever, not just for 30 days. Frankly it doesn’t teach us anything.

Nobody brushes their teeth 5 times a day for 30 days, then stops and hopes that they will just remain clean forever. Sounds like a silly example, but it isn’t this essentially what 30 day diets are, all in and then nothing.

We choose 30 day diets and detox programs because we tend to pick a path with the lowest resistance. As long as we think this easier option exists we will go for it. The truth is however when it comes to health and permanent fat loss, it doesn’t. There is no 30 day detox program that actually works, it is all a marketing hype.

Please watch this short informative video: https://youtu.be/lw08dtKt4oY 

Our bodies have an amazing detox system put in place, like skin, liver, etc. The best “detox” is to stop eating all the crap. To read more click here.

C. Lynn says – As women, we often eat to satisfy our unmet needs for love, attention, sex, nurture, etc. How many times have you eaten a bag of potato chips and a soda pop or a plate of meatloaf and mashed potatoes… and while it may have satisfied you momentarily, those same unmet urges come stress-and-unmet-needs-1back. I believe when we (women, moms, wives) take time to care for ourselves, while balancing parenting, love lives and work lives, there will be no need for dieting, binge eating.

If this is your story and you want to change it, let’s chat. Send me an email: clynn@clynnwilliams.com to set up some time to talk.

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C. Lynn Williams, #MsParentguru

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