What Did You REALLY Want?

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Love languages

At one point in my teen years, I just wanted my parents to believe me. And to listen to what I had to say. Growing up in the 60’s that was a laughable request. Teens like younger children, were seen and not heard.

I also wanted to hear my mom say how proud of me she was. Being the oldest of three children, getting time with her alone seldom happened.

My love languages were Words of Affirmation and Quality Time. Those languages are still important to me decades later. Gary Chapman wrote about the importance of knowing the love languages of the significant people in your life… spouse, children, parents. As far as building or rebuilding relationships, knowing how a person expresses love, opens the doors for meaningful conversation and acceptance of who that person is (in your life).

One of my mom’s love languages was Acts of Service. She showed love by working multiple jobs to ensure that we had what we needed. ❤️

If you read between the story line, you can see that my needs as a teen were often unmet. Thank God for my Grandma Taylor who spoke the words I needed to hear to grow up into the woman I am today.

Finding a way to relate to your teen son or daughter as a busy parent often means buying something that you think will make your child happy and bring them closer to you.

If your child’s love language is Gifts, then you did good. 👍🏽 However if your child needs Physical Touch, then daily hugs and kisses will make life more bearable for both of you. Many times that son or daughter simply wants you to spend time with them or tell them how special they are to you. 🥰

Love is always the answer in building a relationship with your children. How you choose to express it and how they accept your acts of love make living together as drama-free as possible.

Of course, there are always the hormones...

Spend some quality time with with your child today. Watch an amazing relationship develop.

I help parents build the kind of communication and trust that allow parent-child relationships to grow and feel better. 😘

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C. Lynn Williams


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