Want to Improve Your Relationship with Your Mother (Daughter)?

February 15, 2023 at 3:21 pm Leave a comment

During this month of Love and Black History Month, I’m focusing on parent-child relationships, and sharing our stories with our children and extended family.

When I think of relationships, I think about my own children, my sons and my daughters, and how important they are to me. I think back on my relationship with my mother, and I remember how disconnected I felt at times with her because she never listened to me. It was her way or the highway. As a result, I kept a lot of secrets from my mom.

Years later as we talked about that, she explained that that was the way she was raised. You did what you were told! When girls have secrets from their mothers, they are lost opportunities for mothers to share their wisdom and offer guidance that may keep daughters from making unnecessary mistakes.

I won’t say that I was a lot different than my mom, when raising my daughter. I will say that I worked at more discussion and more understanding. I encouraged my daughter to talk about everything.

That’s what our kids are looking for is more compassion and not so much “I told you so” conversations. There’s so much out here for our kids to understand and process; and a lot of times depending on their personality, they will not discuss certain topics with us, if they think that we can’t handle it or we won’t listen. Making them feel comfortable to talk about some of those really important topics could also help reduce some of the aggression, anger and sadness that our daughters are facing.

The days of saying, “I never had a good relationship with my mother, that is why I don’t have a good relationship with my daughter” are over. If you didn’t have a good relationship with your mom, get some help, there’s lots of coaching available. Talk to me – @MsParentguru. because giving our daughters as much as nurturing, love, gentleness, understanding and kindness as possible will make them amazing women.

They might as well get all the love and support possible from you!

Next month I will begin a segment on mother-daughter relationships on my social media posts and blogs. I encourage you to weigh in on the conversations (especially if you are raising a daughter or were a misunderstood daughter) and share your stories with me, so that I can share them with others. A great relationship with your mom or your daughter is priceless! And we know a challenged mother-daughter relationship follows you throughout your life with trust, anger and sadness issues.

If your motherhood journey feels more like a chore, than an honored responsibility, schedule a complimentary call with me: LETS TALK

C. Lynn Williams, #MsParentguru

Parent Coach, Author & Speaker


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